KINBASE                                                                                                                           Kin to your Base


Kinbase started its history on Monday April 14th, 2014.  Membership is FREE.  Premium member gets personalize service and access to all Kinbase Premium pages.  The information on how to be a premium member is available on your profile page.  Here are the list of things you can do on Kinbase after you have registered. 

●  Keep up with your family members, event, birthday, etc.

●  Start your family reunion plan

●  Create Invite and Thank You Note with your own image

●  Upload your event images and generate the link for your family to see.

●  See your blood line from generation to generation

●  Document your family history and legacy to pass on from generation to generation

●  Create Event page in minutes

●  Create a thank you page for your guests.

●  Adopt a family member account

●  Make money from advertiser (optional)

●  These are all FREE SERVICE.  Enjoy!


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