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The following are the type of links you will find inside after login in To Add new Family:-- click on the link and enter the simple required information

To Update Your Profile:-- Click on Update My Profile link.  It will show "View information" page first.  Then click to make the change on the information that is changeable.  However, You will not be able to change Country of Birth, City of Birth, FirstName, Lastname or Maiden Name.  If it is absolutely necessary that you need to change this information feel free to contact Kinbase directly at 1-800-399-9681 .

 Your health history is saved and secured on Kinbase and it will help your family member to determine the genetic disease that runs in the family.  This information provide opportunity for prevention.  To enter this information, click on Update My Health Info and check on health condition you want to record

Add/Update Parent link allows you to add missing parent.  If your both parents is entered you will receive a congratulation accolade.

Upload Photo:- Kinbase allows you to Upload series of photos.  You will be able to upload picture into your profile or upload photo for invitation or photo of event


Member I Added/Adopted: - This link shows you the list of all the members you have added and that you are administering.  You will be able to manage these members until you surrender ownership to them.  To surrender ownership, you will need to change admin email and the member email to the actual member email.  Use password that Kinbase sent youupon the creation of the account until you log in to change the password.  

Premium: - With Premium link you will be able to access many of our premium options such as Business Management including Group Activity, Database Management, Email Broadcast, Chat room and Reportings.

 Premium also extend our options to Family Network, Event photos upload, thankYou greetings  design, Family documentary, Family Health History, Memorial Site Creation, Family photos and many more.  The premium option is free for one months  with yearly cost of  $69  or $9 per month

Tree Clear View:- This link allow you to remove the tree from the background to allow clear view of your family tree. 




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