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Follow this instruction to create Invitation, Birthday and Thank You greetings

 The links below are the side bar links that take you on a journey to enjoy Kinbase after you have created you account.  Create invitation is a free service that comes with Family tree creation

Family Tree

With Create Invitation:- You can create a nice invitation for wedding, birthday, graduation and more.  This service allows you to select songs, your personal image, background and font color of your choice.  It is simple and it can be done in 3 steps

Click on Create Invitation

Follow  the prompt

Read the sample and click on the link in the sample.  It will bring this up.

 Family Tree

Enter information into the boxes.  You will have opportunity to attached your own photo that you have uploaded.  Option to upload picture is also right on the page.  to upload picture into your invite library, click on Upload New Invite Photo and follow the prompt.  Pay attention to the allowable photo size mentioned on the upload page.  Put a check mark on the photo you want to upload.

Family Tree

We scan picture sporadically to protect our business image.  It may take minutes to hours to get the photo approved.  Keep in mind you can always come back to add your photo.  Upon approval it will show in your invitation library that is accessible when you click  on My Events

Then click on "Change" that is associated with the event you want to modify.  See sample below

Familhy Tree

This will allow you to customise your invite and preview your invite .  Your invite link will be email to you and you can then send this link to your guests.  You can come back to "My Event" anytime to make a change to your invite web page. All these can be done in less than 10 minutes.




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