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Build a Customizable Business Advertising Page

Do you know you can also build a customised webpage for your business?  This is an additional benefit for  Premium Members.  You can create this in a matter of minutes and if at any time you have a problem, you can contact Kinbase via email or by calling 1-800-399-9681 we will be happy to help you with a beautiful web page.

Invite Family Into Kinbase  

 We greately appreciate your patronage when you invite more people into Kinbase. 

To Invite family into Kinbase, click on "Invite Family To Kinbase"

Memorial Site for a Loved one.

To Create memorial click on "Create Memorial"  This opportunity allow you to keep history of you loved one at a finger tips.  You will be able to dedicate a whole page filled of memorable monuments, a song  and flowers to your late family member.  By following the prompt after you have click Create Memorial,  it will take you to "member I added"

To create a memorial, you will need to be the admin for that member or inherit the late member account. This person will then show in "Member I added".  After that

---click on the late member

--Change the live Status field to D

---Then follow the prompt to create the memorial

you can build a heart felt memorial and send this link to your family member to visit.  This option is available for Premium member only.

My Highlights

Highlight is an opportunity to keep memorable occurence in the family and share it with generation to come.  To start your highlight, click on "Edit My Highlights" you can then write anything about your highlights and anybody in your family can see this on your tree.  You can use this page as your diary.  No one can edit your highlights but you.




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