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Group Activities


Group Activities can be used for different group event such as class room activities, Education Management, Club Activities, Sport Activities and many more group events.



To Manage this event Click on

1)   Premium after you have created an account and log into Kinbase

Click on Group Activity


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3)  Click on Add Group Member this will allow you to load your group member one at a time.   We can load a large list with a fee.

4)  Fill in all the information required

5)  After you have entered your members, then enter the Admin email  and Group Code you just created  to access the Activities page or Broadcast Page.

6)  Activities page allows you to manage your group activities

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7)  Broadcast page allows you to create email to be sent to member in your groupcode .  It allow you a chat room with your group.  You can send blast email as well as delete any unwanted email.



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