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Plan your family reunion easily with simple steps


To plan your family reunion on, first create your invite as a premium member.  You will be able to send this link to all your family through the mass mailing of kinbase.  Follow the below steps to achieve this activity.  After you have designed your invite you can keep the conversation about the event going through our Group Activities Page.  To create a group activity, follow the instruction on how to create group activities. 

How do I see my family?

To see your family, Please register yourself then log in with your user name and password. The first screen that comes up will display your family relationship and the names of each member on the tree.  Upon logon, you will see all the things you can do as a member in your profile page. You are only able to modify any information you entered for yourself or your family member. The rest of the family information is read only.  You will be able to enter a member of your family into the database and be the admin for that individual until you removed your email from the admin email of the member.

How do I give a family member an admin right to their information?

You will be able to give admin right to any family member by changing the admin email in your profile through update member link in your profile.

Admin Email:   You are the admin for the members you add.  It could be your parent or sibling, Your email is required in the admin email.  To pass on admin right to the account owner, replace the Admin email with the account owner email.

Make Money Question:  New member can make money if you select Yes on receiving advertiser email. You will need to open the email to get credit.

 Do I have to pay anything?

This service is free to all our Gold Members which give you access to mostly everything in kinbase.  Premium member will be able to customize the usage of their information and maximize their family interaction.  Application is available under premium member.

How do I make money here?

You have the opportunity to make money on this site.  It is simple all you do is select Yes to money making opportunity and when our advertiser decide to send you and email and you open the email.  You get pay for every email you open.









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